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Voice of Freedom _ Putin Assassination Attempts - Ill Health - Opposition Rising

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Carl Liebold
Carl Liebold
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A Cossack Update - He has been moved to Maximum Security - Still In Isolation - -Plus Putin survives the lies of a former spy

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csherriff 15 days ago

Love your work Carl. That was quite good advice from 23 mins. This is tough work.

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bluebottle 20 days ago

On you tube they have been saying that PUTIN has bad health assassination attempt for past 2 to 3 weeks is a load of bullshit I saw straight thru that would like to give you a site REAL RAW NEWS .com maybe you might know about it, there is many pages of what is happening in the US. Many pages of lynchings.

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Jooley 29 days ago

I feel that i owe it to the victims to know what they have had to endure. Thank you Carl for informing us.

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RankintheGreat 29 days ago

"Outlandishly, outrageously, unbelievable". Torrential rain to flood out satanic rituals stuff in underground tunnels in Queensland. You'd reckon the builders would have thought of and allowed for that during excavation. "Adults and children bred down there...". Entrance to hollow Earth via Antarctica. Sounds interesting. Look forward to it.

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Anny Tee1007
Anny Tee1007 1 month ago

God bless you Carl. The rabbit holes will change you forever. #saveourchildren

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