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Unite In White Address To Military Keswick Part Two 20230107_105953

37· 3 months ago

Part Two from 7th January 2023

Today I attended the Unite In White meeting to address the Military at the Keswick Barracks here in Adelaide South Australia.

It was a wonderful turn-out, considering the late notice, with around 20 people attending.

Due to my "fantastic" video skills, there are two videos, part one and two which is the Introduction and summary of what was being delivered to the Military today. Then there is a third video which is after the documents were delivered. These videos will be uploaded separately as they are large files and it's taking too long via my computer. I will then share some photos.

Only 3 people out of the group delivered the papers and they were asked that this delivery was not filmed. We did manage to get some photos from a distance.

It was my first time attending anything of this type, but I tell you it felt great to be in the presence of likeminded people and have an honest, face-to-face discussion about topics we are all so passionate about. I made some great contacts and was able to learn about other local groups to follow for more information sharing and networking, It was well worth attending.

You can find more information and see other meetings that occurred today around the country at:



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