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Say NO to ArriveCan! Here's how we're fighting Trudeau's travel tracking app

2 Views· 28 Jul 2022
Sovereign Lad
Sovereign Lad
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http://www.NoArriveCan.com | Despite being promoted under the guise of keeping Canadians safe, this government-mandated tracking app is yet another failed response to the COVID-19 pandemic.

00:00 Intro
01:25 FULL DETAILS! The Democracy Fund is looking for an applicant to strategically challenge the constitutionality of ArriveCan ► http://www.NoArriveCan.com
02:52 What is the ArriveCan app? Aren't passports good enough?
03:55 Rogers' July 8, 2022 outage and Toronto's Pearson airport
04:38 Fines for not complying with the app
06:06 Public Health Agency of Canada does not collect information on travel-based transmission of COVID-19
06:39 86-year-old quadruple-vaccinated man fined $5,000 for not having the app — he doesn't own a cell phone
07:56 Is ArriveCan really a requirement of the Quarantine Act?
09:13 Tamara Ugolini's thoughts on ArriveCan and the World Economic Forum's Known Traveller Digital Identity
09:50 Find out more and support this legal fight► http://www.NoArriveCan.com

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