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NO CONTRACT, NO JOINDER. Credit to “Reality Tester” on BitChute. No license, no rego, Lawful !!!

14 Views· 10 Aug 2022
Sovereign Lad
Sovereign Lad
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The truth is becoming more evident.
The deception is unfolding.
The ones who don’t see the writing on the wall will be incarcerated when the tide turns.
Choosing to do the right thing is difficult.
Following orders is easy.
Which one do you do?
Are you aware of cause and effect?
What is the law?
Who creates the law?
Are we above the law?
Are the men and women in uniform above the law?
Who has authority over you?
Is there a contract in place to back this claim?
Who says what goes?
Is the authority in power responsible for all actions taken?
Who is in power?
Who gives them power?
Ignorance is our worst enemy…
We have no enemies.
We have ourselves to blame…
We can change everything…
We are one ❤️

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