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My 2022 EDC Travel Essentials Kit

15 1 year ago

This travel EDC pack contains essentials to help get you out of trouble when travelling. Compact and lightweight this pack should be part of your travel everyday carry. Don't leave town without it!

My name is Jonathan, I have a passion for all things 'gadget, travel and EDC' which has filled both my personal and work life for many years. This includes sourcing, reviewing and product development and the creation of two UK national retail chains. Find out more here: https://youtu.be/vYCOQ5CpkXY

This channel is here to help you find great travel and carry gear on the back of solid and detailed reviews along with years of experience. I also hope to give you ideas and inspiration when it comes to everyday carry gear, travel gear and gadgets, which make life a little bit easier and perhaps more fun.

I welcome any feedback on my videos or the channel in general. Thank you for taking the time to read this.

馃惁 You can find me on twitter at:

Nitecore Web Link:
(these are affiliate links for more information see below)


Amazon Links: (not all links will works for all countries but hopefully most will)
Maxpedition mini pouch https://geni.us/dvhC1zh
Knipex Cobra pliers https://geni.us/6y2fW1s
Victorinox Alox Pioneer X https://geni.us/SElFKy
Nitecore NU25 Headlight https://geni.us/EkEnet
Nitecore NB10000 Power Bank https://geni.us/BlW6zd
Folding mains USB charger (UK only) https://geni.us/fKstLJ
Rite in the Rain credit card sized notebook https://geni.us/KyB9wz
Fresnel Magnifying lens https://geni.us/nwB4Zv
ThinOptics emergency reading glasses https://geni.us/r0qMlM
UK Mylar zip lock bags https://geni.us/vSNExV
USA Mylar zip lock bags https://geni.us/hJgOp
Elasticated Shock Cord and locking toggles https://geni.us/DNBVq
Glue sticks https://geni.us/0y2sk
(these are affiliate links for more information see below)

Check out this great video @Ben Vallack showing the benefits of separate tools vs a multitool https://youtu.be/eXVJXCpI1Lo

Contents of this video to help you navigate:

00:00 - Intro
00:30 - Overview
01:18 - Maxpedition Mini pouch
02:10 - First look inside
02:40 - Multitool
05:28 - Multitool alternative
06:35 - Nitecore NU25 Flashlight/Torch
11:35 - Nitecore NB10000 Powerbank
12:37 - USB cables
13:32 - Mains charger
14:53 - Notepad and pen
15:48 - Magnifying lens
16:28 - Bic lighter
16:59 - Glue stick
18:08 - Tape
18:36 - Zip ties
19:35 - Essential Meds
20:40 - Flat pack items
23:21 - Wipes
24:28 - Take it with you when you leave town

Product Sourcing:

When it comes to sourcing a product for review, I will usually either聽 purchase and item personally or reach out to a supplier requesting a sample for review.聽 Most suppliers, after seeing the channel, are supportive if they are confident in their product, appreciating the value of greater exposure.

I am sometimes asked to review a product by a supplier which I will only agree to if the product fits the channel and I believe will be of interest to you, my audience.聽 Also the product needs to be worthy of a review.聽 It is not in my interest to review inferior or poor quality products and therefore as you might expect many requests are politely declined.

Any sponsored videos (paid for reviews) are clearly stated as such so there can be no misunderstanding.聽 Even with sponsored reviews I will only agree to a sponsorship on products and services which I believe will be of genuine interest to viewers.

Sometimes a supplier will provide a link to the product or the supplier which I am happy to include in the description.聽 Sometimes I will be provided with an affiliate link so I can earn a commission on sales and this helps to support channel costs but never at the expense of an honest review.

If a product I have reviewed is available from Amazon I will often include an Amazon link in the description.聽 As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. If you purchase a product or service with the links that I provide I may receive a small commission. There is no additional charge to you.


I really appreciate the feedback in the comments - I find it a source of knowledge and inspiration - so thank you to all of you who take the time to contribute. I have recently found that if I continue to respond to all the comments as the number of videos builds, it takes time away from being able to produce new content which would be very counter productive! - so my aim is to read everything I can and reply when I can, after each video goes live, until the next video goes live a week later. I'll see how that works out 馃槉

Thank you for supporting the channel so I can continue to provide you with regular reviews, thoughts and ideas and (hopefully) inspiration! Please consider subscribing to keep up to date with new video releases.

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