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Live Stream - OzEye - 28-01-2023

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LordJJSparrow 2 months ago

I tried to get on Carls show, but anyway. Nevermind.

Watch the Stars people, Jupiter is in chasing Mars.

Mars is a God of War, but is not a Male. All the inner planets are female.

GAIA our earth, used to be Tiamat. If you heard of sufi's, go watch them dance. Real Islam, not the Mecca Dark Occultists. Out of Mecca, Out of Ukrain, Out of Astana (KHAN-Kazakstan).

Apollo the Father-Son, was in dance with Tiamat, when an invader rapist enter our cosmos. Apollo was to far away. Uranus impregnated Tiamat.

She gave birth to Saturn. Cronus or Saturn, slice off Uranuses balls or ability to further seed Gaia. Instead, Saturn, or Saturn, like in the Doors song, (he said Kill my Mother in that song, but it was meant to be fook).

Saturn the Planet inseminates Tiamat. She gives birth to Mercury, Venus and Mars. Mars splits earth open, causing her to bleed out and lots of planet to fall away down in to the asteriod and kiper belts.

The planets curve downards in a spiral and spin up and down around the sun.

The Khan-Khagnate-Jewish Cult (not the 12 israelites at all-they are opposite or anti-japethe, shem & ham, the anti-semites that liawyer) and Arab Cults have a Mother-son fetish.

The Canaan Egytians use to cut ballz of boys to emasculate them, as they are very violent as kids.
THey would sell them to their sister Khazar-Amazions (the man-hating-butch dykes), as fook-boys and servants.

SOmetimes these tribes would procreate for their own legitimate heirs - that is the Amazonians would sell their very beautiful, very feminine women to the Steppe Warrios, Redheads, Brownheads & Blackheads, in exchange for eunuchs.

Their own sons would be used for the royal lines, hence the redhead inbred royals, as well as the frank- inbred brown hairs, and what does Mongol mean?

Mongaloid, mungrul, these were Downsydnrome, untouchables, unwanted from the Orientals, Indians, Fertile cresent. Over time, become violent, but brillant military strategists.

They learn breeding through horses. Follow the same with themselves. Set up breeding farms of people with food for their live stock & people for the concubines, servants or workers etc.

These people right now are effected by Mars being chased. Their god is about to get zapped by Zeus.

The WW3 is Russia coming down to the Middle East. Europe fighting in the west. USA starts to fight, but
the South Americans are effected by Saturn.

So their dark catholic, death cult will rise - the Drug Cartel Guns, up against the Good Ol'Boy's Guns.

The Wild West, Americian's v the Mexican's (possible Indians). Thus all ship crews will mutiny for home.

Russia will win, but exhausted and returning home, the Mongols that have controlled China since 900 BCE as Emperor and from Mao as Tyrannical Communist Prison, now Corporate Prison, will sneak attack Russia.

This is the Gog & Magog story of Islam. The 4 hours men. Four corners of the earth this ww3.

I suggest we just prep, for survival and watch it on TV. No need for us to war, let's go fishing and use Skynet,

I mean Skylink by Musk to watch World War 3 right there on our tv.

Where are all the tough guy, extremists??? I'd be go pro live the russian war.

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Coral Jane
Coral Jane 2 months ago

LOL You can't buy John Wilson, but you can buy him a beer and offer a couple of chocies and he's appreciative.

If you're a defeatist or a looser, step aside, we're coming through.

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Jazel 2 months ago

Carl, you are right, you don't need an audience, love the sound of your own voice as they saying goes, and I am so so glad that you do as you are a great help and support to many of us and you are on to greater and bigger things. Love the little dog in the yard:)

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Jazel 2 months ago

Haha, Ben has no idea what he is in for on Monday. I am sad that again you have to clarify your words, how people twist things. I too am hoping Guru records the whole thing too.

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