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Live Stream - Bobdan - 14-12-2022

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Guru Bobdan
Guru Bobdan
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living lad
living lad 2 months ago

A young man just died last night that I knew from when he was born from a heart attack after the jabs. He was 25

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marg54 2 months ago

Were can I find John clip pls

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PeterCaldwell 2 months ago

Gruru .... I’m not sure if anyone will see this. With this thing that happened in Queensland .
Lets “Make It Simple Stupid” SO IF “Conspiracy Theorists” = “Terrorist”. Therefore “The Unvaxed” = “Conspiracy Theorists”=“Terrorist” = “No court trial”= “No accountability”= “No say for you”= “Go Directly to Jail” = “Never seen again” We need to get ahead of this. Just like we have done before on other subjects we made go away. … Please spam it, edit change, just make it work and spread near and wide.

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cjlcj 2 months ago

If they where killed

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Aurora 2 months ago

Hi Guys...much love..

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