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Live Stream - Bobdan - 10-01-2023

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Guru Bobdan
Guru Bobdan
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sui juris
sui juris 1 month ago

Stay strong bloke, you are a true human being and a beautiful soul, your light will always shine through... evil hates the light that's why it attacks you, you have the armor of god, use it!

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SilverForce 1 month ago

The name "Luke Cole" sounds familiar. Maybe it was the young lady who showed up at the Unite In White meeting at the Keswick Barracks on Saturday 7th January 2023, late, after the reading and after the papers were handed over (shows a lack of respect for the movement) and was very chatty about her opinion of various truthers in the community. She mentioned Luke Cole and how good she thinks he is and that I should check him out and watch his videos. She also mentioned something about a group called the Guardians, which coincidentally I see that name written on the back of his shirt in the video clip you showed. I think it's really important that any movement doesn.t have cash and donations attached to it. It breeds greed. That's what I like about the UIW movement. Simple easy, completely voluntary. Someone mentioned on Telegram about making and selling hearts to raise money for the movement and it was shot down by the page owner. You make your own. Personally I support you and what you stand for Guru. You're real, honest, transparent and own your mistakes. Many things are said in the heat of the conflict and you were pretty heated up last night over the issues with Epic, but don't give up your boat mate.

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Thetrut 1 month ago

1 statement and 1 question.
To me you looked guilty or at least uncomfortable at 1 stage last night.
You said, once you seen money being donated you got out of there because you did not want to be involved with it.
Which the way you said that you knew something dogey was going to happen.
Second question is.
Why didn't you warn anyone?
Certainly not saying you took any money but please answer my questions

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DINGOBLUE 1 month ago

Don’t fall for it Guru” they want you upset and throwing in the towel “ but you’re better than that m8”

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Deancb 1 month ago

Must be over the target,getting attacked by trolls. All i know is MSM avoids/plays gatekeeper of information that we get to see here. It means you're doing a great job Dave & team....keep doing it....trolls will be trolls,don't feed em,don't let them lower you to their negative energy level. If they were in control they wouldn't need to attack. Love your work.

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