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58· 6 months ago

⁣Dr. McCullough: Pharma Could Be in Big Trouble for Wrongfully Advertising the C19 Shot

"It's now clear, they're gonna go after areas of wrongful advertising," stated Dr. McCullough (http://t.me/c19expertchannel).

"It's illegal," he continued. "And matter of fact, when any drug is advertised on TV, there's all the disclaimers of the side effects, but they're not giving any of the disclaimers of the side effects on the COVID-19 vaccines. Everybody should view that as being illegal."

Kansas has already taken action and pulled advertising for the C19 shot off the market.

Dr. Peter A. McCullough (http://t.me/c19expertchannel) is a world-renowned MD — fighting against censorship and reprisal. He has teamed up with The Wellness Company (http://t.me/thewellnesscompany), where he now serves as Chief Scientific Officer.

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