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Guru Amanda and Patriot 101

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Comedy night. Hillarious Headlines.

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dropbear64 18 days ago

Knock Knock Lights on No one Home... Don'y fart ya could ****.. ha ha ha We all better Stop Working..

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Coral Jane
Coral Jane 19 days ago

OMG so ok you single guys, no wanking in the *shower ok, it'll increase your breathing and if you *succeed getting that happy ending it's classed as *physical activity, so you maybe at risk of a catastrophic heart attack.
OMG I'm an *older woman, I'd be lonely if it wasn't for the freedom movement and the great people I meet up with outside the Qld Government House every day instructing the Governor to do her job.

But their telling us not to eat unhealthy food away from home, but eating healthy can course heart attack. Oh, so we'll just not eat then huh. "Oh, does that sound too *sarcastic?" I wouldn't want to give myself a heart attack.

OMG call 000 I'm LMFAO I think it's a coronary

Ah bugger, I'm screwed, the amount of times I fall asleep with the TV on. Hahaha all you southerners are buggered come DLS time, stop that right now, it fades the curtains anyways.

Lies lies lies, I changed the sheets today and shook the shit out of the doona ... and I'm still here

So after watching Guru, Amanda and Phil take the piss out of the MSM I bet you are *laughing by now. KNOCK that shit off, it could be a sign of a *fatal condition.

SADS/SIDS same lie different age group

Shared while laughing

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