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Chemtrails Song exposing what Geo-Engineering, Cloud Seeding & Smart dust really is

72· 8 months ago

Maybe you've been in two minds as to the legitimacy of whether chemtrails are for real or not.

So in this short music video, if you pay good attention to both the content of evidence and the lyrics, then it should become crystal clear that they are actually poisoning us to reduce the world population.

The Illuminati, their governments, militaries and their supporters like using words like Geo-Engineering, Cloud Seeding, and Smart Dust, yet as you will see on the poison ingre****nts list displayed in this video, it's a real ****tail of poison that is being sprayed on us, our fields, oceans, and rivers.

Music credits go to youtube audio library and

- Music promoted by 1HMNC - No Copyright Music
Aakash Gandhi - Eyes of Glory

and Simon and Garfunkel

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