Breath Break- Natalee Hudson Life Coach

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Natalee Hudson
Natalee Hudson
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Hi everyone, I am Natalee and I empower women to embrace and welcome change rather than fear of the unknown so you can fully move into your true self.

What is a Personal Change and Transition Coach?

When we are going through any type of personal change and transition we can experience a range of feelings, worries and fears as well as excitement, anticipation and joy.

Life transitions can be life changes that we expect and even work towards such as marriage, leaving home, buying a home, job change, having children etc. Then there are unexpected transitions we did plan for such as unexpected pregnancy, losing our job, losing our home.

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There are personal inner change as well that can create a period of stress, confusion and anxiety as we work through new aspects of ourselves such as reevaluating your core values, exploring spirituality etc.

These can be times of stress, anxiety and worry where we go into overload while we try to navigate and work through how we can adjust to this new direction.

Even expected and planned life changes can have this effect. We go through a range of emotions and then wonder why we are feeling like this when this is what we were working towards.

A Personal Change and Transition Coach\ Guide can support you during these times.

We support you to verbalize how you are feeling, how you want to feel moving forward and help you to identify what you no longer need such as old beliefs, ideas and patterns and identify your strengths and empower you to transition to this new phase feeling in control and capable of solving any challenge that comes your way.

I have supported many women moving to the next phase of their life to bring:


💜Clarity and

💜Direction back into their lives.

They gain a clearer sense of:

💖Who they are,

💖What they want,

💖What their next stage of their life is

💖Ready to embark on the next path of their journey with confidence, joy and direction.

I am passionate about the work I do and love nothing more than see women grow and thrive, overcoming their blocks and fears and steadily move towards living their most fulfilling lives and see their closest relationships become more enriched and nourishing from the journey.

Head over to my website at [a][/a] to find out more.

I look forward to supporting you on your journey,
Nat xxx

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