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Belgian Malinois - The Guard Dogs Trained To Military Standards | BIG DOGZ

19· 8 months ago

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MEET the incredible dogs trained to military standards. Tyler Falconer, 27, of Boston, set up Falco K9 four years ago after serving in the navy. Falco K9 train dogs in obe****nce, police work as well as personal protection and Tyler uses his experience in the military to all aspects of the dogs’ training from puppies to deployment on the street. Tyler owns Nala, a four-year-old Belgian Malinois who is also trained in protection. He said she is one of the best dogs he has ever trained or owned. Tyler is a trained decoy and loves to suit up at any given opportunity to practice scenario training including car jackings and muggings. Tyler told Barcroft Studios: “We train so there's not any failed deployments out there on the street, whether it be a personal protection dog and/or police dog."

Video Credits:
Videographer / director: Colin Bell
Producer: Emika Berry
Editor: Pete Ansell

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