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America - Legally, Who Are You?

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⁣Legally, Who Are You?

⁣Did you know we are living under a de facto government? Why? Did we the people get together and form a corporation? No. Did we the people vote on whether or not a corporation should be formed in Washington, DC underneath President Lincoln? No, absolutely not! He formed it himself under Executive Order. Therefore, that corporation doesn't exist in relationship to the 50 states. The state of Texas has it's own Constitution. In it's Constitution, Texas has the right to secede from the Union. That's the reason why they don't want to take any Federal Funds.

United States corporation, a de facto government, by definition in Blacks Law Dictionary, 6th Edition is:

"a de facto government in fact in deed actually a state of affairs but is illegal or illegitimate by equity, and not by law. It is not Constitutional. Thus an officer, King, government de facto is in actual possession, but by usurpation, or without lawful title."

District of Columbia is capital. It was created from portions of two states, Virginia and Maryland (Virgin Mary), to form a more perfect union as the new United States, which includes Guam, District of Columbia, Puerto Rico, Samoa, Virgin Islands, Marion Islands...but does not include any of the 50 states. None of these states have the right to vote because they are territories, not states.

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Speaker: Steve Thomas

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dropbear64 5 months ago

Australia is one of these Corporations... it's called THE AUSTRALIAN GOVERNMENT.

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