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Round 2...Remain Calm...Know who you are!!
Sovereign Lad
Sovereign Lad
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Brother Nick...you have remained calm to the point that you now officially have the patience of a saint....

Liability folks...always push this towards them...the cowards will leave...

I want us all to eventually have our power back....I need all of you to share this far and wide...to protect brother nick

Australia l Police Officer Taught a LESSON
Sovereign Lad
Sovereign Lad
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⁣Australia l Police Officer Taught a LESSON by a MAN who KNOWS HIS RIGHTS!

Sua Cuique Persona - Jeanne Gaakeer Senior Justice.
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⁣ Jeanne Gaakeer Senior Justine. The fiction of "PERSON"

Sovereign Lad
Sovereign Lad
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John Q in front of Darwin courts to seek accountability for the mistreatment and abuse of children.


Monday Night Chat
Guru Bobdan
Guru Bobdan
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Live chat with Guru, Cazz and Funeral Lady

Sovereign Lad
Sovereign Lad
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A trust has three parties but a Quasi trust has the office of three parties, the Office of Creditor, the Office of Debtor and the Office of Administrator but only two such offices are held by man at any one given point rendering such a three way trust as a fraud or false trust. When only the debtor and the Administrator are present, without the Creditor appearing, such a trust will convert the Administrator from Administration to Creditor! and never have to settle the bills of the State because we were deceived into falling from creditor into debtor through a dirty planned grammatical deception.

Sorry for a couple of spelling errors, they slipped through the check...

MEP Christine Anderson COVID Vaccine Campaign Biggest Crime Ever Committed Against Humanity
164 Views · 2 months ago

⁣The truth is beginning to come out
and people getting angry.They believed that those who were telling them the
truth were conspiracy theorists and the media and others were telling them the
truth when it was just the opposite.

Criminal Indictments for premeditated mu-r-der via Covid 19
433 Views · 4 months ago

Criminal Indictments for premeditated ⁣mu-r-der via Covid 19 : Lawsuite Utah-David Martintah Lawsuit: The weaponization of the Wuhan virus spike protein and collusion between Canada and the United States was a
premeditated act of mass mu-r-der

The post Criminal Indictments for premeditated ⁣mu-r-der via Covid 19 : Lawsuite Utah-David Martin appeared first on Vaccine Liberation Army.

Tuesday Night Live
Guru Bobdan
Guru Bobdan
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chat with Guru and Amanda Sheedy

Lawyer Anna De Bouisseret explains who will be held accountable under the law
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⁣Lawyer Anna De Bouisseret explains who will be held accountable under the law

Guru and Caz with Spiro A MUST WATCH!
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Retired solicitor returns to practice and it means war!

Police vs Sovereign. The officers are not the enemy! MATRIX / STRAWMAN / NSW HWY PATROL
Sovereign Lad
Sovereign Lad
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Law enforcement officers play a very important role in society, without them we would not be better off.
The Men and Women acting in the role of constable in office have agreed to a major responsibility, to protect people and their property, However necessary...
The feeling we get when we see police is generally not warm but we can never make sense as to why that is.
The officers have been trained and conditioned to follow orders.
We all feel our way through life although not always consciously.
Something is very wrong with the system.
There are no bad people in the world... Only bad programming.
We are not always aware of what we do as a result of the subconscious program: meaning we do what we do because it is appears to be correct according to society.
To be aware is to be conscious and to feel our way through life considering others.

Common sense Is Installed In every Man and Woman, we are all capable of living In harmony, It is a choice.

We are all equal under the law.

Never cause harm to a living Man/Woman.

Never deceive a living Man/Woman.

Never steal or damage property of a living Man/Woman.

Strength comes from the heart ❤️

A Very Powerful Message. Fiction vs Fact. Wrong vs Right. Criminal vs Lawful. Fraud vs Honour.
Sovereign Lad
Sovereign Lad
18 Views · 2 months ago

This one carries forward the most important message.
The truth will set you free!

Here is a recommendation… David Icke video


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