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Shocking Truth About Adrenochrome And Child Trafficking "Sound Of Freedom" Jim Caviezel
Sovereign Lad
Sovereign Lad
62 Views · 1 month ago

Jim Caviezel bursts into tears while explaining the background of his new film "Sound Of Freedom". He talks about the horror of adrenochrome and child trafficking. Over 10 million kids are sex trafficked each year around the world by many of the most famous people in Hollywood, big business, and politics. They are slaughtered and tortured like animals according to Caviezel.

Died Suddenly - Full Movie
Project Matilda
Project Matilda
273 Views · 13 days ago

Why do we never believe them? For centuries, the global elite have broadcast their intentions to depopulate the world - even to the point of carving them into stone. And yet… we never seem to believe them.

The Stew Peters Network is proud to present DIED SUDDENLY, from the award winning filmmakers, Matthew Skow and Nicholas Stumphauzer.

Guru and Caz with Robert and Cossack
68 Views · 13 days ago

Robert part 2. Cossack arrested again. General news.

Sovereign Lad
Sovereign Lad
157 Views · 15 days ago

⁣23.07.21 - WalMart working with the NWO... Secret Tunnels underneath to FEMA death camps, childsex trafficking, ADRENOCHROME and global logistic..

Sovereign Lad
Sovereign Lad
57 Views · 16 days ago

⁣They're stealing peoples properties & ignoring patients needing doctors care in The Mental Services SHARE EVERYWHERE

Guru and Caz
154 Views · 19 days ago

Wednesday night news

Guru Jodie Mark and Jan
178 Views · 18 days ago

General catch up and discussion

#exposethe28 We Are All In It For The Sanctity Of Children.
Daniel Vincent
Daniel Vincent
41 Views · 24 days ago

Bio – We are the resilient relentless and steadfast. We are unvetted, unaffiliated and un-funded volunteers. It is our duty to ensure the sanctity of children and that our children inherit Freedom.

We meet 10 am daily. National Rock Garden Barrenjoey road Canberra and have been proclaiming #exposethe28 to the Governor General residing in the Peoples House, since the 7th Feb 202. This is an escalation of the same demand proclaimed to the Governor in Brisbane since Oct 2021.
We proclaim to the Governor General David Hurley to expose the 28 Names of the Paedophiles on the police report that have been suppressed as identified by the Wood Royal Commission 1995 - 1997.
The names are of high profile people including 1 Prime Minister and they keep each others secrets. We demand he take responsibility for the 68 Children that go missing daily in the appalling trade of human trafficking and paedophilia.
We proclaim – Address the Police over-reach against Peaceful Protesters as is our legal right
We Proclaim – Notify to the Nation, the fraudulent election and unlawful oaths of elected officials into office.

We hold and support several Fronts.
• The peoples house proclaiming to the Governor General.
• Digital Front. A platform for evidence, to provide intel to you directly, and a platform for all the Diligent who are the Digital Diggers upon the Webbernets. You are a Vital asset in this very real war. On this platform I acknowledge the very constructive INTEL and energy you provide and the constant engagement with those we love to win into awake. God bless you all Patriot Warriors.
• ACT Magistrates court. Stand in support and solidarity of our own Freedom Fighters charged due to the Police overreach.
• Parliament Lawn on the imaginary line / Freedom Embassy.
• Popup Protests as required. _Example AHPRA, ABC, Russian Embassy, Chinese Embassy, City Centre, National Press Club.)

Back up Channel and Working in Co-operation with
Freedom Front Canberra

projectmatilda.com @FreedmFrontCanberra

Telegram Supported Channels
https://t.me/Awakefriendsaustraliainfo https://t.me/Awakefriendsaus

Legislative Tyranny | Riccardo Bosi | Australia One
142 Views · 26 days ago

⁣Recorded at The Australia One Party Event in Melbourne on 23/10/2022.

You can find the full video here:


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